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You are invited to be a part of an irresistible bicycling and cultural experience. Whether you’re a bike novice, or advanced rider, you will be encouraged at every turn.

There’s nothing quite as breathtaking as Italy from your bike. The unobstructed view provides an intimate experience with the rolling hills, ancient buildings, and oh-so charming culture. You’ll see endless sights along the way, and what you might be surprised to find is yourself!

Tuscany Tour 2016: Not only was the villa stunning, the views were incredible, the cycling a blast but the company was spectacular! It was so great spending time with women who started out strangers and ended up great friends.
— Laurie Helms
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May 27 to June 3, 2018

8 days 7 nights  •  Four days of mountain biking  •  Wine tour and tastings  • Cooking lesson  •  Two days off the bike to explore other hidden treasures • Join us for a unique and memorable tour! 



June 24 to June 30, 2018

7 days 6 nights  •  4 days of bicycling the country side  •  Wine tour and tasting  • Cooking lesson  • Opportunity to paddle board the Arno river • A day off the bike to explore Pisa and Lucca



October 14 to October 20, 2018

7 days 6 nights  •  4 days of bicycling the country side  •  Wine tour and tasting  •   Olive harvest & pressing  •  Cooking lesson  • A day off the bike to explore Pisa and Lucca


Powerful Journeys began out of a desire to offer a unique experience for women to come together for an adventure of a lifetime, to embrace culture by the seat of a bike and gather as women in a supportive environment. 

Our tours are thoughtfully crafted with locals that are eager to share their culture and traditions. Making connections in off-the-beaten-path locations ensure an authentic experience that set us apart from the big tours. 

Small group size and non-competitive setting enhance the journey as we come together as women. Engagement with one another and our environment help us absorb the richness of the experience. 

There is nothing quite like rolling past ancient ruins and fields of sunflower to anchor us in the moment. As we weave our way through small villages and embrace the experience together, we know the moment in time will forever change our lens. 

What She Said...comments from tour participants!

I strongly encourage anyone even remotely interested to go and experience Italy with Denise. She is an experienced traveler and an inspiration. Don’t let fear hold you back. You won’t regret this adventure of a lifetime.
— Laurie Helms
I’ve known Denise for years and when I heard she was starting her own company leading women on amazing journeys around the world something sparked in me and I just knew I had to consider it. I found a hundred reasons not to go, (work, family, not being fit enough, fear) but then decided that all of this would be there waiting for me when I returned. Saying yes and sending in my deposit felt exhilarating! Italy 2016 with Denise was one of the best experiences of my life. I found strength I didn’t know I had. Both physical and emotional. I met the most wonderful people in the world, ate some of the most amazing food and road my bike on a wall in an ancient city. And of course there was wine! Amazing! As women, I think we spend most of our time taking care of those we love. This journey taught me that I can take care of others better if I first take care of myself.
— Tamber Dillinger

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