Lets Pack Our Bags

Travel does not need to be stressful! Making a packing list is vital. Here at Powerful Journeys, we start from the top of our head and make our way to our feet as a visual reminder of everything we need; from the right shoes to sunglasses and hat. 

Tip 1: Roll, don't fold. This saves on space and keeps your things from getting wrinkled. 

Tip 2: Fill the spaces by stuffing your socks in your shoes, and sunglasses and other small items like gloves and arm warmers in your helmet. 

Tip 3: Use packing aids such as packing cubes, this helps keep things organized and easy to find, and saves on space.

Tip 4: If your checking your bag make sure to pack a small toiletry bag along with other essentials in your personal Item bag, we put together a little list for you below.  

Inflight Items

Pack Your Bags AS.jpg

Wear comfortable clothing it's a long flight
Small Toiletry Bag with the following - toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, hand cream, face cream, hand sanitizer, wet wipes (to clean surfaces) your prescriptions, deodorant. 
Eye mask
Ear plugs
Neck pillow
Compression socks
Water bottle (so important to keep hydrated) 
Your favorite snacks
Head phones
Lap top or Ipad
Book and magazines
Change of clothes

On the Bike

Sports bra
Cycling jersey
Cycling shorts with chamois
Tights with chamois
Light cycling jacket
Wind/rain jacket
Arm/leg warmers
Active socks
Cycling gloves (short and long finger)
Cycling or athletic shoes
Your pedals if you chose to bring your own
Sunscreen (place in zip lock)
Chamois cream (place in zip lock)
Lip balm
2 Water bottles (you can store bar's/gels inside for travel)
Cycling bars/gels


Off the Bike

Scarf for fashion and function (to cover shoulders in a cathedral if needed)
Light sweater/jacket for cool evenings
Walking shoes
Comfortable clothing for walking around
Sleeping pajamas
Flip flops
Casual wear
Fancy wear (we are in Italy and you never know when you may want to dress up) 
Olive harvest items: garden gloves, long pants, t-shirt and sneakers (for October harvest tour) 
Bug repellent
Toiletry bag