Introducing Denise Livingston

Denise Livingston leads cycling tours for women who are ready for a refreshing and authentic experience with a desire for something more out of traditional travel. She believes you can get through anything in life, if you’re willing to break the chains of monotony and challenge your comfort zone.

When Denise was little, all she wanted to do was help people. This led her to social work, where she was surrounded by addiction, abuse, and unhealthy behavior for nearly 20 years. The intensity was rewarding, but draining. It pushed her to look honestly at her own life and to find a way back to what brought her fulfillment and joy. 

On the surface, Denise appeared to have it all, complete with two children and a long-term marriage. A devastating bike accident left her bedridden and headed for divorce. As a twin and a young mother, she had never been alone. The need to escape sent her on a solo adventure through Europe and fueled her desire to learn more about people residing in other parts of the world.

In Italy, she gorged on gelato, rode gondolas by herself, and wrote in her journal; yet she thought what was lacking was her ideal romantic love. As cyclists rode by, Denise came to realize what was truly missing—her bike. She knew she would visit again, but it wouldn’t be without her wheels of freedom.

Since then, Denise has traveled extensively, usually alone and always with her bike. She learned how to be self-sufficient when riding and happy while single. This led her to create Powerful Journeys; international cycling tours for those who want to call forth their independence, power, and calm.

After a career of working with people in crisis, Denise is thrilled to be guiding women on a heart-pumping, soul-restoring, and mind-soothing excursion. Travel and adventure were the remedies she needed to reclaim her life. Now, she can bring other women along and watch as they steer their bikes in the direction of their dreams.